Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Staying and Browsing

I feel a huge sense of relief. Clarity at last! We have decided to stay in the valley and keep our house. This is a huge deal, as those of you who have travelled with me for a while, might know. DH and I have lived with a "bird on a wire" sense of impending change for many months now. In some ways that's exciting; in other ways, deeply unsettling. It was very hard to move ahead even in ordinary things: every time I wanted to do anything, I would be stopped in my tracks by the knowledge that everything might change any moment. For example, I have paintings to hang but felt I shouldn't make holes in the newly painted walls. I wanted to redecorate my bathroom but felt, 'what's the point, really?' Lots of stuff like that. Now I am free to explore all kinds of possiblities To get involved, to start projects, to let my ruffled roots settle again. One of my projects is (don't laugh) to learn to browse. (The link is: I can browse for this house) During my early years, I had to exercise great restaint as a shopper, being always in varying stages of broke-ness. So I have been a 'target shopper' - "Enter shop, keep eyes under rigid control, buy only what you need, leave. Looking at other stuff is only going to make you discontented, so don't." I have taken this too far, for too long: so now, I have ' browse dates'. Rules of browsing expeditions: *No buying of necessities *No rushing. *Being sensible is not allowed. *Handling of interesting items is encouraged. *Talking to shop owners, craft marketeers, fellow browsers, is practically mandatory. It is really so much fun. Browsing might seriously rival blogging and painting as a hobby in times to came. Tally-ho!


Shayne said...

Browsing is my second name - i love love love it!

And yay to staying!

allie said...

Shayne, I think you might be one of the people who started me thinking about it because you are always finding cool unusual stuff.

Any tips for me?

Simply-Mel said...



Stefanie said...

I need more browsing tips, this sounds like something I just might excel at.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Oh BOY do I know how you felt! I have been like that for a few years now. Trying to make a place homely, but knowing it isn't going to be 'home'. But in being too strict with this, I realise my kids might be feeling like they're missing out on something, so I've loosened up a little and have been adding touches to the house here and there, which I probably would have over looked if I kept to my 'we're leaving so don't get comfortable' attitude.

Just two days ago, I saw this floor rug (I know, a *RUG*) at Boardmans, and I just thought SOD IT and I bought it. It was perfect for our little TV area, so I rushed home and arranged the furniture around it (it's this funky silver chunky weave thing) and when Skip came home he was SO HAPPY about it, it was so sweet, he RAN into the room and threw himself down onto it practically snogged the thing and then looked at me with this beaming little face, "Mommy!!! I HAVE A CARPET!!!" - sweet!! Amazing how such a little thing can mean so much to a 4yr old.

FYI it's not like we have bare concrete floors or anything, it's just that since we moved and purged all our old stuff, Spartan doesn't even begin to describe how we're living right now. :)

Lynette said...

So glad you're staying...and so hope your ruffled roots will dig down deep very quickly.

As for the browsing...sounds like fun...can I come?

Watering Mustard Seeds said...

Good For You. Shop away!

Gill said...

I can imagine how much more settled and "at home" that must make you feel!

I'm just like you when it comes to browsing - in the shop, buy what I NEED and out again.... it's a difficult habit to get out of!

allie said...

@ Lynette - I wish you could my friend!

@ WMS - Thanks for commenting, new lady! And I will surely take your advice :-)

@ Gill - Good to know you still breezing around blogworld sometimes, Gill.
Yup, that was me but I'm working on the new improved version :-)