Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In a couple of weeks, DH and I going to be hosting a group in our home. No big deal, you might rightly say. But we haven't done this for years - and have got v-e-r-y comfortable with our "just you and me" evenings. The group (which is still a phantom as we haven't invited anyone yet) will be offered dinner, the viewing of a half hour dvd called "Real Jesus" and then the opportunity to air their opinions on the dvd. There are two 'Oh freak' areas here for me: The first is a no-brainer for those of you who know me - I will have to produce a meal for 8-10 people weekly. (Breaks sweat!) The second? Approaching people to invite them. Because I really want to have people who are not yet Christ-followers come. I want them to see that He is not some sissy, pale, weak, thin, 'apart from real life' figure. I want them to see the real Man who emerges from the pages when they are rightly read. But those who don't know Him yet are so locked into their pallid picture of Him that they often are not interested enough to even take a second glance. Its going to be interesting. I could use some prayer from those of you who do that. You will be kept posted. PS: I have just remembered my word for this year is "Venture" - this is one!


Trix's Mix said...

May God richly bless your new venture and may there be many rewards!

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Isn't once a week, like *way* too much pressure? Considering what a big deal it is for you, and how important it is to you, won't it be a bit emotional-rollercoaster-ey? Just wondering.

allie said...

Hmm its a legitimate "wonder"

If it is not done once a week the study will stretch on too long.
As it is, its over 8 weeks.
Don't take too much notice of my insecurities - I'm actually going to love it, I know!

Lynette said...

You are going to love it...and I am sure you will come up with some ideas regarding the meal...I mean bobotie and lasagne are two one dish meals and you can serve it with a salad.

Praying that the Lord will "put together" the group He intended to get together.


allie said...

Thanks Lynette.
I think I will love it - and the cooking thing?
Its time I got over myself and my nonsense.
A little while ago, a bunch of FB friends gave me their fav ways to cook chicken: I will put some of those to good use, I'm sure.

Shayne said...

You will rock at this, that is for sure.

Your passion as a Jesus follower will rise above all your 'insecurities' and the people won't even notice what you feed them (and there is always woolies you know!)

oh, and btw, my 'word verification' is pastall - so pasta for all may be the way to go?

allie said...

@ Shayne - From your lips to God's ear, as the Jewish people say :-)
Thanks man.

So funny about the word verificatoin! Pata is def right up there!

allie said...

@ Trix - Thanks my new friend!