Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fav Blogs?

I need some help. Are you willing to give me links to couple of your fav blogs? I'd love to discover new writing talents; new personalities. Besides which I have taken some static blogs off my sidebar. So its looking v-e-r-y sparse. So, be nice - share what you've found in cyberspace, kay?


Angela said...

I came to you via Shiny, so you know HER! And do you also know Miranda and Tam? And Spiny Marshmallows? And Val? And Janelle? And Karen and Janet? And outside of Africa Lori, and Amanda Summer, and Reya? Stop me, stop me, but these are my favourites at the moment. Willow, too, you MUST visit her party at the manor in September (look at her blog - Life at Willow Manor from last September. It was truly gorgeous.) If you don`t know how to find all these blogs, ask Shiny. She will probably know.

Simply-Mel said...

Wow! Angela has left a wealth! Once you have found them via Shiny please share!

Stefanie said...



allie said...

@ Angela - Yes, Shiny is one of my favourites! I will certainly ask her. Thanks for your generous helpings!

@ Mel - will do :-)

@ Stef - thanks, I will pop over and visit these two pronto