Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PC Gone Mad

We live in a weird time Don't you think? I mean, when else in history was it considered insulting to call something what it is? That's just what's expected of us. About so many things. And its become ridiculous. There are all sorts of people, all sorts of conditions, in this world. There are blind, deaf, mute, lame people in this world. There are the sick, the poor, the thin, the fat, the tall, the short, the old, the young. . . and on and on. Yet its become 'politically incorrect' to speak, for example, of a blind person being 'blind' - they are 'visually impaired'. . . (Even as I type this, I feel a little uncomfortable with what I'm saying. To such a degree have I also been affected by this!)
If I am short, people have to call me 'vertically challenged' - does that make me feel less short?
If I am old, does being called 'chronologically advanced' make me feel less aged?
Is being called a 'person of mass' easier to swallow for a fat person?
They talk about not wanting to label people. How is it that 'short' is a label and 'vertically challenged' is not?
Its even more deliacte when we talk about skin colour, isn't it? I am not insulted if someone calls me white. That is my colour. But today, it is regarded as racist to call an African or African-American, black. Why? Black is not inferior. Why should it be regarded as an insult? And in whom does the belief that it is insulting lie? (I am not, of course, talking about any terminolgy used that is MEANT to be insulting) I am part of a neighbourhood watch - a very good one - that does its best to observe all these tortuous terms. It borders on the ridiculous sometimes, to hear people on the 2-way radios trying to give descriptions of suspects without saying their actual colour, build, age etc. You try describing someone well enough to help a third party spot them without being able to 'tell it like it is' Good luck with that. This scenario reminds me of the children's tale called "The Emperor's Clothes" - anyone remember it? In the story the problem was ludicrously obvious to everyone but everyone 'played the game' not wanting to be out of step: it took the simplicity of a child to point out the reality of the situation. I wish someone 'up there' would let us get back to reality. Now I am 'heat impaired' so I'm off to make coffee . . . PS: Feel free to disagree with me on the above. These are just my views. Obviously.


Lynette said...

Well written...and I agree, it is ridiculous. Maybe it should start here in blog land...that we start saying things like it is.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I'm feeling verbally challenged today. So this is the extent of the verbal exchange that I will have with you.

regards from the fat white chick, with big knockers, and giant bottom.

allie said...

@ Lynette - ja, lets!

@ Ness - Having met you, I can say that you are "veracity challenged" in what you say.

From the aged white chick, with saggy muscles and no butt.

M said...

my worst is "we are looking for an EE candidate"

groan - how demoralised must people feel when they apply for those jobs

Joanne said...

start again... here you get asked your ethnicity on most forms drs,tax etc. and then they still break it down into black jamamcian black african, white british, white american etc.

Trix's Mix said...

Agreed Allie!

allie said...

@ M - yes for sure. We have tended to look at it from a different perspective but its true: how demeaning for them that must be.

@ Jo - you CANNOT be serious! Thats a shocker. And they've got the nerve to be supercilious towards SA. Blegh

@ Trix - We can try but we may be surprised at how deeply we have been drawn into this ourselves, I think