Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If we could take all the riches of all the oceans of the world; all the variety of the fish and other marine life; all the vegetation - from the kelp floating on the surface to the myriad other forms down to the black depths, - all the mineral value; all the healing potential; all the power; all the beauty; all the mystery - And we could compress all that into one teardrop . . . If we could take the stretches of all that we know of the universe - and most of us have seen pictures of the magical swirls of colour and design of galaxies and been stunned by their beauty and complexity - and take all the unthinkable value of minerals, resources, design - All those suns! - think of the power! the light! the heat! just from those. . . If we could encapsulate the richness, the mystery, of all that into one grain of sand . . . We still would not have come close to the mystery, the richness, the reality of: " In Him (Jesus Christ) dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily"* but it may help us to ponder on that mystery and that wonder. *Col 2:9

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Angela said...

Hi Allie, I am back! Sorry I gave you all these blog names without leaving a link, but I thought living in CT and knowing Shiny you might already know some of the blogs. No?
Okay, here goes: The African blogs I have mentioned are somehow all connected, and each one is precious, you can scroll back and never feel bored or lonely again!
If you take Val (Monkeys on the roof)you`ll see photos of lions on her porch, or her friend Spiney Marshmallows you can follow Pam on ghastly outdoor trips or see her beautiful paintings, and both her daughters (Pam`s) write fascinating blogs, called The Times of Miranda and Fleeing Muses. Then Janelle who lives in Tanzania writes incredibly witty and serious and fabulous posts at Ngorobob House...Life on the Hill. And Karen writes from Botswana, Border Town Notes, Janet from Johannesburg, Under the Blood Red Sky. If you hop pver to the US, see Lori in CA writing Lori times five, she is so lovely, and Reya in DC (The Gold Puppy) claims to have a cosmology of her own. I have no idea if you will find these as nice as I do, but then there are always more on everyone`s sidebar. Oh, and Tessa in England? An Aerial Armadillo? Shhhh now. Read on first, then come back! Cheers from Angela