Saturday, July 17, 2010

Romance: Final Events.

The Romance series (see recent previous posts) needs to be finished so I'm going to try to do that tonight. Remind me not to embark on multi-part sagas again! Time to introduce the shenanigans of the super-b****h of our story. Her first idea was late night phone calls: no speaking, just heavy breathing. If you've never been subjected to these be glad, be very glad. To be woken up from a dead sleep, with just this awful sound of someone breathing into the phone strikes a dread into you. Its the sheer malice, I think. You know its intent is to terrify you. I called the police - They said they couln't do anything unless I was threatened with physical harm or (as I remember) foul language was used. So, no help there. This all started when DH was at sea, so I was alone. Of course, she knew that. She seemed to know a lot about our movements. Its nasty, feeling you're being watched. The next tactic was terrorising my domestic servant. Dear Cynthia! She was a gem and my right hand at home. She seemed to love my kids as her own. I wouldn't have been able to work had she not been there to look after them. I worked, as I said, as a civilian in the Navy: one day I got a frantic call from her. I jumped into my car and rushed home. Turns out she had had threatening phone calls and was shattered: she wanted to leave immediately. I managed to placate her - just. But our ' friend' wasn't done yet. Her next ploy was phone calls to me. Not from her - I have never spoken to her; never seen her. No, she got someone else, a guy, to call me. Often. To try to charm me: try to get me to meet with him; try by any means to get me to do or say something that she could take to Clay to " prove" I was two timing him. You'd think that was enough. But this woman was determined and she wasn't finished yet. Next we were subjected to rocks being thrown on to our roof; at our house; on to our front door; at night. I know it doesn't sound like much but it was so hate-filled and went on for so long - I was a nervous wreck! You know what finally shut her up? We got engaged. That finally shut her down. And here we are - 35 years later: grandparents. Greying hair, spending most evenings quietly watching TV; wrinkles (me) and receding hair (him). Loving being together just as much. Its better now even than it was then. Its been really something for me to revisit these days And has felt so good to share them with you!
Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Stefanie said...

Thanks, I've enjoyed the journey too.

Lynette said...

Wow...this is the stuff dreams are made with...and books are written about...complete with bad guys(girls) and the works. So glad that you stuck together through it all...made it so worthwhile;-)

Shayne said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Isn't it revolting what lengths people will go to to mar your happines?

Glad you guys made it - the photo's you've posted show clearly your love xx