Thursday, August 5, 2010


Am shattered - and lots to do still, so - bullets today: # Last night group was great. We ended up with 9 people (4 absentees), all very willing to join the discussion, which makes a huge difference. The dvd was excellent, I thought. I confess to being a little scared the speaker might have been one of those 'larger than life, TBN types' - but he wasn't. He was quietly spoken and made his points vividly and accurately. Its amazing - no matter how convinced you already are of the claims of Christ, something like that is refreshing and humbling. # The meal got the nod from the company. I can never eat at these things when I have spent hours preparing but it looked ok. For those who need detail - I made two different kinds of pasta, salads with hot crusty rye bread. We added a glass of wine and we were set for a good time. # The Man and I found ourselves still wide wide awake at 2am! We puzzled and puzzled about it. No, we were not anxious about anything. Had our last coffee hours before. It wasn't windy; we hadn't heard prowlers - Eventually we nailed it We were like two toddlers, over stimulated before we went to bed! Embarrassing hey?! For years we have been so relaxed in our own little space in the evenings in front of the TV, that all those new people; all the interesting input and challenging scenarios just spun our wheels! Hence the goggle eyed awakeness. Flip! I hope we acclimatise fast! # Hot off the press: we are off to a r-e-a-l-l-y fantastic place in Robertson for the long weekend. I heard yesterday. Three whole days! Oh joy! We have been to this exact spot before so we know: this is gunna be g-o-o-d. # I have SO many emails and calls I need to make before I go - but am cross-eyed with sleepiness. Its a miracle that this is up . . . Snore


Simply-Mel said...

um, bullets? :-)

will miss you guys this weekend!

but have the ketel ready for me at 815 tomoro so we can have a last swig before you leave!

allie said...

Those are *my* kind of bullets.
You know I can't so one liners.

Ketel will be on the boil when you get here -

Trix's Mix said...

Great to be sharing in the fun on your blog! Have a wonderful time in Robertson and return refreshed and full of new inspiration for your posts.

Susan said...

Have a great weekend! Glad things went well for your group.

allie said...

@ Trix and Susan - thanks guys, I'm sure the weekend will be fabulous.
The Man SO needs the break! And I am always up for being spoilt like that :-)

Joanne said...

Enjoy your time away.

Lynette said...

First enjoy your time away;-D

Where the group is concerned...isn't it wonderful when the Lord steps in and everything turns out better than planned?