Tuesday, August 3, 2010


You may remember a while ago I was chatting about The Man and I possibly hosting a "Real Jesus" study group? (If not, or you need to have your grey cells refreshed, please scroll back to "Invite") Well, suddenly, its all happening. Tomorrow night Here. I'm really excited about it specially since FB and Blogging friends have come up with great (and simple - very necessary, that part) recipes for me. This afternoon I invited the estate agent, who showed around yet another possible buyer of our house, (I know! long story - more later) to join us. He declined but asked to be included if we run it again. I found myself getting more and more enthusiastic as I explained that our desire is to get past the additives; the pollution; the legalistic jargon; that has obscured in these days the magnetic Person who is Christ. We are looking for the Organic Christ Jesus. What does 'organic' mean to you? Well, all that. And thats why I'm excited: we have all been affected by at least some pollution of truth. What more treasures will we find in Him as we allow misconceptions to be stripped away?! It promises to be a memorable night. With another 7 more to come.


Shayne said...

Sounds really interesting.

If i were in Cape Town i would have loved to be part of it. good luck and hope all the recipes work!

allie said...

Thanks kiddo!
And I would have loved you to come!

The recipes are bound to work - I got them from domestic goddess people :-)

Susan said...

This sounds like a wonderful thing! I can't wait to hear how it goes and pray that it's successful beyond your imagination.

:-) Susan

Trix's Mix said...

Just the right couple to host such a group! You will be blessed with this new venture!

Lynette said...

I just know that the Lord put that group together....Trust it is all going well.

allie said...

Thanks guys - will tell you about it soon.

Just finished the first one - tired but happy.