Sunday, August 29, 2010


I took these pics on one of my morning walks along the beach -
It's so peaceful isn't it?
It looks like a world where nothing could ever go wrong
Its good to just be in that space for a hour or so - living in the moment; drinking in the beauty and the quietness.
Because we all know that life is not like that -
Not all the time.
Today the man and I attended the memorial service for the young man who tragically took his own life about a month ago.
What was he facing that made him feel he just could not go on?
This I know - there would have been a way forward
And that is part of the horror.
There would have been a way for him, if he had just reached out to someone.
So there is a sort of rage with the sadness. . .
So pointless!
So needless!
A decision taken in who-knows-what moment of irrationality
A handsome, fun loving guy, father of a young boy - gone forever.
And long term devastation for all those who loved him.
This post is really for me - to marvel at the human spirit: to marvel that we can still get joy in a world where there is so much trauma.
To marvel that even those who have experienced some of the worst of it, can still, in time, treasure being alive on this planet.


Terry said...

Joy comes from God, happiness is determined by the moment in time.

Have a great day Allie :)

Hayley said...

I love this post Allie...even though I know its heartbreaking for you.

Thinking of you and this friend, and his family.

Kirsty said...

very, very sad. One never truly grasps anothers path, 'cos we cannot see inside their heads! And that is the tragedy.
I wish his loved ones much courage and strength to contine walking their paths without him.

Belinda Nel said...

Loved your pictures, miss that beach so much, so sad to hear about your friend as you say such a shame to take his life, a long term solution to a short term problem, makes me relise how we don't care enough in this world everybody is so caught up with life not the way God intended.

cat said...

Oh that's sad Allie - I always find it so much more difficult to deal with this.

Lynette said...

You have such a beautiful beach to walk on. It is time when we are close to nature that we have time to reflect...and yes the contrast of your friends son is so stark. I trust that in time healing will come for this family.