Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On All Fours?

"When I was little, my nurse Dibby's cousin had a dog, just a mutt, and the dog was pregnant. I don't know how long dogs are pregnant, but she was due to have her puppies in about a week. She was out in the yard one day and got in the way of the lawn mower and her two hind legs got cut off. They rushed her to the vet and he said, "I can sew her up, or you can put her to sleep if you want, but the puppies are ok. She'll be able to deliver the puppies. Dibby's cousin said, "Keep her alive." So the vet sewed up her backside, and over the next week the dog learned to walk. She didn't spend any time worrying, she just learned to walk by taking two steps in the front and flipping up her backside, and then taking two steps and flipping up her backside again. She gave birth to six puppies, all in perfect health. She nursed them and then weaned them. And when they learned to walk, they all walked like her." * If ever a little story gave me pause to consider, this is it. I wonder to what degree we "walk" through life in less fullness, in less freedom, in less strength, in less enjoyment, than we might, not realising what we are capable of. . . Just because we have observed, subliminally, that others that went before us, were not? * From Its Always Something by Gilda Radner


Lynette said...

Food for thought indeed. Not a good day for me to read it:(

allie said...

Lynette - this is not meant for us to look forward at our influence on our kids - rather for us to possibly find where we have been "walking with a limp" in areas where we don't need to.

If we start to put ourselves, as parents, under a microscope, we will always get into 'mom-guilt' - always a bad thing!
We all do the best we can with what we know.
No one can do more than that.

Anonymous said...

It's not always the good aspects of life that we take for granted, but also the bad that we blindly and incorrectly accept as the norm. We must be vigilent in monitoring ourselves and assessing our lives according to God's standard so as not to become stagnant and accustomed to/ satisfied with less than what God has prepared for us... :-)

From Conrad

allie said...

Hey Con!
So good to see you here!
Ja, exactly my point - but since I'm not so good at the assessment thing, I prefer to tell the Lord that I'm open to Him pointing things out that I've taken as: "oh I'm just like this" or "this runs in my family so I can't do anything about it" scenarios.

And then when He does, co=operate with Him as He changes things.

I have already seen a lot: in my own life and the lives of people in my zone.

Linda said...

That is, indeed, something to be considered. I think it is much like looking to others and then being discouraged when they fall. If we can just keep our eyes on Jesus, we will walk well.

Trix's Mix said...

I love this post!