Monday, September 6, 2010

Are We There Yet?

"Are we there yet?"
"Da-a-a-d, are we there yet?"
"Its taking so l-o-o-n-g!"
"How l-o-o-n-g is it still, D-a-a-a-d?"
If you're a parent, you've been driven nuts by that.
If you've ever been a child, you have driven your parents nuts by that.
But parents try to keep it together -
"Shh, its not far now. We'll get there. It takes a while"
Bottom line?
You are going somewhere, and let's face it, the journey is as long as the journey is.
But it sure is hard to convince kids of that!
God is so clever to present Himself to us as "Father" or "Daddy" -
And us as His children.
There are so many ways we can understand spiritual dynamics, just by observing human ones.
Think about how we are when waiting for an answer to prayer.
And the wait seems endless -
How much does the "D-a-a-a-d, are we there yet?" scenario fit?
Maybe the journey's the thing, not how long it takes to get to "our" destination.
Maybe He is taking us where He knows we need to go.
By the best possible route - not the shortest maybe, but the best.

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Lynette said...

LOL! I think I am not shouting loud enough yet...ummm, now that is an idea.