Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Is it my imagination, dear fellow bloggers, or are things slowing down in Blogland? Specially the posting and commenting . . . If its a reality, why do you think that is? Exam time? Summer beckoning? Cranking up the buzzies already for the Christmas season? Boredom with blogging? Not much to say? (How likely is that among us girls!) Face Book take over? What do you think?


Stefanie said...

I think people are still reading but not clicking through to comment.
Too lazy perhaps, or too busy.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I think that blog world is too big to try and analyse :) Things are very much alive and well across the pond, or at least the 500+ unread items in my feed reader would suggest! ;)

allie said...

@ Stef - ja, the numbers going through are about the same but bloggers themselves (including moi) seem to be posting less frequently. And comments (obviously excluding the Nesses of this world!) far fewer.

@ Ness - dear girl! Can you see ME trying to analyse anything in cyber space!?
Nah - just sounding out other bloggers.

Maybe the problem is just mine.
But I'm still enjoying writing so I will KBO.
BUt congrats on the fantastic response to your space - you deserve it.
You sure work long hours and do a great job.

Simply-Mel said...

For me its a time issue....I want to read more BOOKS, spend time with real people and be outside more because of summer etc etc.

I am still going to blog for me but am definitely less active in the blogosphere. Although there will be days, I am sure, that I catch up!

Shayne said...

My stats show the same amt of readers, but far less comments - lazy? Can't think what to say? Post doesn't warrant a comment? Who knows.

I know that the less comments I receive the less inclined I am to blog. Crazy but true.

Lynette said...

I still try and comment when I visit blogs...but I honestly don't know what to blog about lately...maybe just need a break;-D

allie said...

@ mel, Shayne and Lynette - Ja, I hear ya.
Its affecting me too.
But I'm very loathe to give up on the idea altogether

I'm so not a blogger said...

im with Mel on this one, summers coming! and I have a pile of books that are aching to be read, and and and and sitting in front of the computer just doesnt have the same appeal, though i do try!