Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving Mountains

I'm in the middle of a Beth Moore study "Breaking Free" with about 40 other women.
Four facilitators, 10 in each group.
Two weeks ago, we really started getting into the meat of the study, with people bravely sharing their main areas of "battle"
It takes some courage to speak publicly about stuff like that. Even in front of just 9 other people.
Even, sometimes, to say it out loud to yourself!
What has blown me away, other than their willingness to be open and vulnerable, is the astonishingly prompt action from God's side.
I'm not being flippant.
I mean it.
In the last two weeks, each woman has experienced events in her everyday life that are directly linked to her area of difficulty.
Resulting in shifts in attitudes; ability to see things in a brand new light; discovering life long misperceptions; peace in areas where there had been fear or anxiety; ability to forgive . . .
And these events have happened in between our meetings - we have just had the excitement of being witnesses of what He is doing in each other's lives..
And this is sovereign
No one has tried to counsel anyone, or offer ways to improve their situations.
God has just been at work in open needy hearts.
I have seldom seen God so obviously on the march.
He is awesome!
We are thrilled and grateful.
And expectant . . .
FYI - I have posted a clip of Beth Moore speaking about this study on FB

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