Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Again!

I can't believe I've done it again! I'm going to a wedding tomorrow in Joburg (a 2 hour flight away, for those who don't know - and where its already hot) and I haven't given a thought to what I'm going to wear yet. I don't remember ever pre-planning an outfit for anything Even my wedding dress was bought the day before, another desperate case of "omigosh, pleeeaaase let me find something" - seriously! and if you can't get it together for your wedding, you're a bit of a lost cause! So today, when I am longing to spend time with both my daughters, who both have super interesting things going down in their lives, I have to trundle round the mall, trying on clothes. Some of you might feel you want to slap me at this stage. I get that. What you maybe don't get, is how depressing this is to me. We have visited this before - but here's a refresher . . . # They have the worst lighting in fitting rooms. Have you noticed? They make a person look terminally ill. That's depressing right there. But there is also some trick with the positioning of the lighting - it highlights sags, wrinkles and bulges like no other lighting on the face of the planet. You wonder why they don't organise flattering light: I mean, I would travel miles to a shop that had fitting rooms that made me look radiant, smooth and svelte, wouldn't you? # Since China strode up to the winners post of all things for sale in the world, sane sizing has gone out of the window. Have you noticed that? And the shops no longer have obliging staff hovering at the cubicle door to exchange wrong sizes for you. Oh no. So when you discover that the armful of size 12 stuff that you carefully chose, and which is actually your size, would be too small for the tooth fairy, you have to struggle back into your own clothes, put all the teeny clothes back on their hangers, and issue forth to try to find a size larger for yourself. # There are other things but I need to get my act together. This could be a long day. And I need more coffee.


Meriel said...

don't you wish that the ideal wedding gear was black top and pants or jeans and a t.

best of luck I am sure you will find something fabulous.

Stefanie said...

I so agree with you.
The staff in any shop just seems to be less well trained and customer service out the window by and large.
Don't even get me started on the sizing issue.
If you have to take bigger than a 12 where on earth does that leave me?
Hope you find what you're looking for.

Simply-Mel said...

I wish I could help you! Truly I do but just not up to that yet! but sooooon, very soon, we gonna shop til we drop!! :-)

allie said...

Oh Meriel! Yes I do!
What a joy that would be.
Bring it on -

Stef - China has much to answer for!
And I'm hoping for one of those miraculous days when the first thing I try on looks fabulous.

allie said...

And Mel -
A beeg shopping spree is on the cards soon I know. *smile*

Lynette said...

I am on the same page my dear! I have to be desperate before I pay the mall a visit...then I would rather sit in a coffee shop drinking copious amounts of coffee than in a horrible cubicle trying on clothes.

Olivia said...

Hey Allie,
I hear you...I use to get 'We don't carry your size' by the time I would walk into a store...not the most flattering!
And I do too reminisce about the time, shop assistant were there for the customers!!!
Talking about wedding dress, I bought mine on the internet!!!! And it was blue....long story...Thank God it fitted, a week later could have been another story...
Missing you...Bisous
Enjoy the will look as amazing as ever...

Shayne said...

I'e arrived a little late in the day - but i'm hoping that your shopping was a success?

My solution - buy everything you like, bring it home and try it on with what you'd normally wear it with. And then take the others back. A bit long winded but it works for me.

We want pictures??