Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Possibles

Here are a couple of possibles for tomorrow's wedding celebrations. They could not be more different. The 'little black number' with the sinfully sexy red patent leather wedges is quite severe, quite dressy. And would probably be much too hot for Johannesburg. "Hot" as in temperature, not sexiness, you understand :-)
Then there is this: the surprise of the day. Utterly not my usual style.
The girls behind the counter at the shop where I bought this sport dead white make up, jagged haircuts and raccoon eyes.
And so many piercings they practically rattle when they move.
Pretty intimating really
But its all a fake, I discovered.
They are surprisingly normal and even friendly
Although they may have wondered what someone like me was doing in their shop!
I quite like the quasi bohemian look.
Its nice not to look like your usual self.
Maybe this allie will be the one to launch out into the literary world.
Maybe thats all it takes
To dress the part first, I mean.
Yada yada yada.
Anyway, I gave The Man the final vote as to what I should wear tomorrow.
To my amazement, he chose an outfit that makes me look like a baby whale.
I think its because the material is silky, and soft and slinky.
Go figger!
I may or may not take a pic of said whalish outfit.


Simply-Mel said...

I love them both...but as you say very different. one yells Jhb and one yells thinking you can guess?


Dad chose the baby whale one cos he doesnt want the okes to check you out when he's not looking. ;-)

Belinda Nel said...

Love both the dresses,as for the guys I normally ask too see which outfit they choose so I know which one not to go with! ps The black little no shows your lovely figure:-)

Yummy Mummy said...

As Mel says - both are great but completely different. I'd pack them both in and see what mood grabs you when you're getting dressed!

Lynette said...

I am with Shayne on this one...pack them both...see what your mood and the weather is like and then you choose. Don't...I repeat...Don't go for the baby whale one;-D

Kirsty said...

I'm digging the black one! If it's an evening wedding, you'll need sleeves for the evening. You are one super hawt, outrageously young looking grandmother of ??6 grandkids is it??
Unbelievable!! I might have to hate you ;) x

allie said...

@ Mel - *grin* about Dad comment!
@ Belinda - gee, I wish I'd read yr comment before I decided! Sounds like wisdom to me :-)
@ Yummy Mummy - Is this a first time? Well hullo, just in case! Thats what I should have done definitely.As it was, I only packed the whale one and the boho one. Should have gone with the black :-(
@ Lynette - I did it! The whale one - I'm SUCH a sap!
@ Kirsty - I think I might even be willing to be hated for such a noble cause hehehe.
Yup - the black would have been the one.
Ah well - too late now.
Am weighing up whether or not to post a whale pic as a penance for such stupidity.