Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Pic Post

The long awaited day arrived.
Three dear friends came to be baptised in our pool.
We had prayed for good weather but we got so much more than we ever could have imagined.
The first true early summer Cape Town day - truly incomparable.
Just a wonderful experience! I was so glad to be able to share it with them all.


Stefanie said...

Abundant blessings

Mel said...

Oh Mom - what beautiful, emotive photographs. I can almost feel the anointing! And we both know ek se nie dit lightly nie!!


allie said...

@ Steph - yes indeed.

@ Mel - Yes Mel - I do know that. I am still having lump in the throat moments about this morning -and it is nearly 6pm!

Shayne said...

Allie you can feel the emotion through these photos - especially the one of you with your arms out. What a blessing to have had this in your home. xx

Kirsty said...

wow - you do baptisms in your pool?
What a gorgeous dat for such an occassion x

Animal lover said...

wow granny that looks like such a joyful moment

allie said...

@ Shayne - Ja, it was an emotional as well as spiritual experience. These women are part of the group I facilitate in the Breaking Free study so this meant a lot to me as well as to them.
I really love these women.

@ Kirsty - well we dont make a habit of this :-) but hopefully it culd happen again sometime.
It was the most gorgeous day.

@ Animal Lover - Hullo sweetie! Welcome to my blog -
Yes, it was a "Wow" and a joyful moment.

I'm going to pop over to your blog and see if you have a new post now.

Olivia said...

Hey Allie,

How amazing...I do too love the picture of you in the pool with your arms open...a true reflection of the person you are, the person you were for me!
Be abundantly blessed...Lots of Love from Pointe Noire, Congo...

allie said...

Aaah Olivia! Thank you.
How you would have loved this - I wish you could have been here.
We miss you.
And hope that you will find a group of new friends in Congo who will love you as much as we do.
Love and bisous . . .

Trix's Mix said...

This is soooo very special! Thanks for sharing Allie.

allie said...

Hi Trix - yes - too special not to share :-)

Lynette said...

First up....I love your header. What a wonderful day for such a memorable occasion. I TOO love that photo of you with your arms outstretched...looks very, very inviting.