Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Us?

I can believe that there is no other life anywhere in the universe.
(Please note:
I said I CAN believe it; not that I insist that it is so)
And I'll tell you why:
I think its like new parents:
When you think about how they set up a nursery for their baby -
According to their wealth and ability, they will make it as beautiful as they possibly can. It gives them enormous pleasure to fill the room with all that their baby will delight in.
I think God is like that.
Doesn't He speak of Himself as a Father?
So maybe He made this universe for us, His 'babies' -
to play with; to play in; to look after.
Think of it.
He didn't need to make 100000 different colours, scents, sounds, textures and tastes.
We could have managed with just grey;
with only the scent of onions;
with only the sound of vuvuzelas;
with only the texture of sandpaper;
with only the taste of eggs.
He didn't have to give us variety; fun; wonder; extravagance -
Maybe He did it because He just wanted us to enjoy it
And maybe mainly, to SEE His stupendous love for us in the sheer generosity of it all.
This same One will come to a single devastated person, on an insignificant speck, called planet Earth, and, moving deeply on the hidden parts of that person, will rescue them.
I can SO see that all this * sweeping arm movements indicating sea, mountains, sky, plains* was put here just so we can see how much the Creator loves us.
Yes, I can believe this.


Stefanie said...

I can believe it too.
Daddy is very good to us.

Lynette said...

That is what I always think when I look at a stunning sunset or a beautiful scene in nature...He did it for me;-D

allie said...

@ Yes Steph - exactly.
@ Lynette - I think that too - and also how amazingly stupendously artistic He is!

Mel said...

He certainly puts TreeHouse to shame. ;-)

Beautiful post, really personifies his love and affection for us.