Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bye Bye to This Struggle

I puzzle about things.
Wonder about all kinds of things: like "Why is there no mention of the creation of water"?
Did water precede creation?
Its puzzling.

One of my ongoing-for-years puzzles has been how to overcome self centredness in myself.
Its a horrible trait
It seems the more I hate it, the more I see of it in myself.
What to do!

I woke at 5.21 this morning with the answer so vivid that I laughed out loud at my sheer idiocy.
Then blushed in the early light - as I saw how my very quest is the most self-centred of all.

'Belzebub cannot cast out Belzebub' the bible states, very logically.
It might also say (it doesn't, but the reasoning is the same) "Self cannot cast out Self"
So all my efforts to put down self, have been futile because all the time I was still (not realising) focussing on "me"!

I realised this morning that I was looking for qualities in myself that are only found in Christ.
He is the only One who is complete in every way.
All the qualities we long for, we can admire in Him.
And as we do, He will do any changing to be done, all unnoticed by us.

Learning to rest in Him

So the good news is: I can't do it.
But it can happen, if I want it to.
Because I believe Christ will do it as I spend my time better
Applauding Him.


Lynette said...

Fantastic post and wonderful illustration:-)

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Here comes the heathen with *her* opinion! ;)

I do not think that you are wrong to question things like "Why is there no mention of the creation of water?" (as I recall there is only talk in genesis of parting the water and the land - or something).

It is in our very nature to question everything, and to discover the divinity within ourselves (in whatever incarnation of that you want to find it).

My thoughts on this... we are all one.

If we give to others, we are giving to ourself. (helping others makes us feel good right? - That gives us a good feeling)

If we give to ourself, we are giving to others. (think of a mom who desperately needs some time out- and the very act of taking it - in turn relaxes her - and gives everyone else the best of her on her return).

There is no action here that is wrong in anyway. The concepts of selflessness and selfishness are non-existent.

One of my reasons for moving into my own developed form of belief/divinity/universal understanding was because "religion" does a seriously great job of LOADING us with guilt. Guilt about feelings, guilt about not being good enough. You must DO more, UNDERSTAND more, BE more. You're not good enough, you're sinful, you're born sinful. Yadda yadda ad nauseum ad infinitum.

All I'm saying is that we are all divine beings, here to experience all that is, in order to truly understand who we are.

Hope you don't mind my sentiments here - it's nice to be able to put thoughts together for a change!

allie said...

@ Ness - I am chuffed when anyone voices their views on anything here.
*Your* opinion is welcome :-)

I don't think its wrong to question and wonder about things either.
I would be in DEEP trouble if it were! I spend an inordinate amount of time doing just that.

I totally agree with you that religion does exactly what you describe.

Thats why people who follow Christ say it is not a religion: it is the exact opposite of all you say.
Religion always demands "DO"
Christ says "DONE" - by Him, for us.

That is some of what I was trying to convey - I had fallen back into religious thinking in this area - and it was horrible.
Until the penny dropped again.
And I could be free again.

Trix's Mix said...

You are back with better posts than ever Allie! I love the 'resting in Him' picture!
Keep blogging!