Saturday, November 13, 2010


How I love these Saturdays when neither of us have anything scheduled.

Somehow waking when we wake, rising to consciousness gently together, is a time when I am deeply aware of how wonderful it is to have my 'own other' to share the new day .
And to be glad that this man chose me out of all the women he could have chosen -

I love the lying-in-bed-late conversations that range from the day's weather prospects to the deepest plunges of sharing; the easy silences; the silly jokes . . .
I love that my early morning sleep hassled hair/face still looks pretty to him. And even the well worn banter about whose turn it is to make the umpteenth cups of coffee. And that neither of us feel any guilt about not doing anything constructive today.
Its enough that we can do nothing - as long as its together.

This too, is a kind of 'stopping and staring' to drink deep of the joys of life.
Maybe even the best kind


Simply-Mel said...

:-) Ag jong, julle is net te oulik.

Dawn said...

This is almost brought tears! So wonderful to have "the other".....

(came through here from Shayne's update today- hope that's fine:))

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

allie said...

Mel - :-)

@ Dawn - Welcome!
I'm so glad you came to visit - drop by any time.
Also glad you enjoyed the post!

Linda said...

Oh yes, it is a wonderful blessing. Hope you have enjoyed your day together.

Meriel said...

i know not this thing of which you speak. but it sounds as delicious as a tall glass of homemade lemonade on a sweltering summers day.

my world, my life, my bed ...... is just a whirlwind.

allie said...

@ Meriel - it is, my friend, it is.
And its coming.
Its part of that "older life" that we once dreaded, and now that we're here, find it is quite magical. X