Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revisiting and Revamping

My study - my delight and my nightmare!
In the first place, its a misnomer if ever there was one! -
It could be called the blogging room, or the FaceBook room, or the talking-on-the-phone room or the staring-out-of-the-window room or the gathering-place-of-all-the-paperwork-in-the-world room.
But 'study'?
Not so much.
In my defense, this is the reason for the turn-out. Here's the thinking: something constructive may actually happen in here if its streamlined and organized.
It may be delusional but i reckon it was worth a crack.

Turn-outs are quick and easy if you are the brisk, matter of fact type.
But my wiring makes them much more interesting  I get to revisit many times and events of my life.
Kind of time/space travel

Unearthed -
1. Displaced old photos (they should have been in shoeboxes along with all the others)
Which demanded to be pored over, memories flooding. My mother, a lot younger than my children are now, looking smooth and innocent, dandling me on her knee.
My adored older brother, serious as a toddler and sullen very early in his life. He hated having his photo taken - in fact he hated a lot of things - life was about rebelling against many things and people.
Loved but difficult. Still.
Me - a plain chubby toddler.
But a lot better looking as a teen than i remember feeling.
Quite sad really when i think of the agonizing i did in front of sundry mirrors
Then my younger sister, she of the huge dark baby eyes and shy smile, which made her everyone's darling.
I remember how i used to manipulate, bribe and boss her.
But graciously she has taken all that in her stride and we remain great friends.

2. Next - literally dozens of Christmas cards that i meant to send and never did -
My dismay at not keeping resolutions always started way earlier than New Year: with unsent cards.
I was crossed off more people's list every year until the number of incoming cards was so embarrassingly few that it was easier to abandon ship completely.

As the pile of cards mounted up on the study floor, so did the guilt.

So later in the day, a payment slip from the Foot and Mouth Painters (i'm sure you receive the pack of cards from them every year too? Drives me nuts because i always forget to send them back and then am left with the awful guilt) was shoved under The Man's nose.
"We must make a donation to them, ok?" for the years of kept, albeit unwanted and unused, cards.
He deserves a medal for not throwing a hissy at me: it was my job to send them back.

3. Bits of paper - There was a time when i thought i would retain the content of spiritual talks better if i made notes. Also thinking i could refer to them later if need be.
That might work for lectures on the mouth parts of a locust but not so with spiritual matters: they are things of the heart, not the intellect.
As to referring to the notes later - well, i would have had to locate them first.
Naturally, when all these notes re-emerged, they demanded to be reread.

4. Stuff
You know 'stuff'' ?
A lot of people have a 'stuff' drawer; i have a 'stuff'' room: its called a study.
Its all those bits and pieces that you can't throw out but don't know where to keep.
Usually those things get moved from one room to another when i "turn-out" but this time, i nailed it.

The trouble is now my study is ready to be a study.
Oh the pressure! :-)


Lynette said...

You should have seen my study/scrap room before my DH organised me...seriously a big mess where nothing could be found. Now I have a "few" very messy drawers where all that "stuff" was dumped after the big organise.

Simply-Mel said...

Like mother, like daughter....i spend my life sorting sorting sorting our *my space* :-)