Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seeing The Unseen.

Very rarely, you may find a writer that tells your experience, and voices your longings so well its as though he had crept inside your heart and had a look around!
This author is one of those for me.

Here are a couple of passages to give you an idea:

"Driven by the conviction that life has depth and everything in our lives has meaning, we are compelled to look at the unfolding experiences of a typical day with expectant eyes and receptive hearts.

The God who speaks, speaks in the ordinary events and interactions of the day.
What excitement this adds to a routine day!
When we renounce the flat world of sight and sense as the whole of reality, a new world of enchantment and mystery begins to be born. . . .

This reflective engagement with the in-rushing material of everyday life not only draws us more deeply into an awareness of God but helps us to recognize the subtle but discernible acts of God in the ordinariness of our days."*

Maybe it is this, that's responsible for the surging life-joy right now. . .
Because the more we discern the movement and action of the Divine in our ordinary lives, the more life now, becomes life as it's meant to be.
I'm convinced of it :-)

I have found another blogger who seems to have the same passion in Emily of Chatting at the Sky
If the things I have written here resonate with you, or you wish they did, visit her space.
You're going to love it

*With acknowledgements to Ben Johnson who is the very wise and gifted writer of "Living Before God."


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good read. Love authors that speak to the heart. This one sounds like it looks right inside.

Lynette said...

Oh...that speaks to me! I will be visiting "chatting at the sky".

I missed this about you! That you can put in words what you feel...thank you for being back and sharing from the heart.