Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arabella Bliss

Here are a few pics taken at Arabella last week. We had a fantastic time there for three days.
The next day a bombshell dropped.
But this post is about the good days there.
By the way, it seems some readers think that the pretty young thing on my header is me.
It is not.
I just love the vibe of the pic.
Here is real me.

With one of my best buddies in the world. We live 7 hours apart but get together whenever we can. So even the pool was used for continuing the conversation.

I took "Organic God" along to reread but when my friend started it, she could not put it down! And I was so happy she could enjoy it too. By the way, if you haven't read it, do yourselves a favour, kay?

Arabella is such a beautiful place. Great food, lovely people, luxurious spa, golf course etc etc.
And the weather was wonderful too

The rooms have spacious balconies: ours overlooked the golf course and the lagoon

Definitely non-glam but I love the way the water looks in the pic so included it :-)
 I realise this reads a bit like an advert for the place, but it really was this good. I remember saying at dinner on our last evening something like: "Does it get any better than this?"
It was a perfect summer evening; we had been outside all day, just relaxing. We had just finished a superb meal; our friends had been on good form and all was very well in our world.

It is perhaps the stark contrast between then and the trauma that started just a couple of hours later, that makes that time seem so idyllic in my memory.
The phone call came at around 11.30 that night.


Ness at Drovers Run said...

Allie! No man! You and Mel both with your *cliffhangers* !! I'm still wanting to see Arabella, hubby still talks fondly about the few times he's played there. Would you say it's reasonably kid friendly?

Lynette said...

Sounds idyllic Allie.


Shayne said...

SOunds and looks divine. Glad you had this little bit of tranquility before your world started to shake. xx

clare said...

Hi, you look just like the 'young girl' in the header. Sorry to hear you are having some issues. Thinking of you xxoxoxox

lipglossninja said...

So glad you had such a special time before having to weather this storm. Gorgeous pics. xx

allie. said...

You are a really special bunch of friends!
Thanks for all your support.

@ Ness - sorry, sweetie - just a) emotionally not ready to unpack and b) since other people in my family are in the vortex, not even sure how much clarity I will be able to bring eventually.
I did see kids there but can't give you any details about that. The staff is very friendly though.
@ Lynette - and (((big hugs))) to you too. I really hope you're feeling better - and I will reply to your email soon, ok?
@ Shayne and Lipgloss - Me too. In spades!
@ Clare - how amazing that you think that! You must really love me :-)
Thanks so much for your thoughts. .

M said...

Cling to your precious people Allie. A vortex is often a frightening place to be - but hearing a loved ones voice nearby keeps things sane.

x x x

allie. said...

@ M - am clinging :-)

And yes, you're right, it does seem known and loved voices at hand - (and there are many of them in their zone) are making some difference.
PS: It sure is great to hear from you - you always have a special way of saying things.
I still miss you here. X

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Pray come and ship me on your lips