Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Isn't It Odd?

I have a brother, very dear to me, who displays the fractured mindset towards Jesus Christ that so many do.
If he is asked his opinion of Jesus, he will blithely tell you that Jesus was a wonderful man; a great teacher; an incredible example of how people should live.

But this same brother furiously ordered me out his house for talking about this same Jesus.
This same brother told me never to speak of Him again in his company.

Isn't it odd that he cannot see the contradiction here?
Isn't it odd that he can think so highly of Jesus, but never want Him mentioned?

He says he doesn't believe the bible -
Yet the only place from which he could form his high opinion of Jesus Christ is the bible.
So my brother's opinions have been formed from the very book he claims to disbelieve!

Yet he has NO idea of how contradictory that is.
For now.


clare said...

Very odd! He is just scared!

Lynette said...

The Name of Jesus convicts...nobody can stand "cold" about His name. It is sad...I have a very similar thing with my own brother. He says he believes but get incredibly uncomfortable when we speak of things of faith and even our ministry. Very odd indeed;-D

Terry said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. As Lynette says, the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin and they don't want to hear it. He can say he doesn't believe but he's only fooling himself because God says we all know He exist. He's planted that knowledge in our heart. All we can do is keep praying for him Allie.

وادي المعرفة said...

He is still confused. He cant make his mind up yet. It seems he has a "weak" neck that cant bear the heavy load of knowledge..just for now.

allie. said...

I think you are all right actually.
The scaredness; the discomfort under conviction and the denial.

Also the confusion and the "weak neck" that my foreign visitor speaks of. (I like the analogy!)
Welcome to you, by the way.
And thank you for your comments.