Friday, December 10, 2010


This is the tester for me  -

When things get dark; when there is anguish, and the people I love most are gutted -
Can I still stand with unflinching belief that Christ rules over the affairs of men?
Will I still trust Him when it looks as though its all going pear shaped?

What I am finding is that the turmoil seems to take place at a different "level" than where He relates to me.
That He is somehow resident deeper than that.
Like pounding waves in the middle of the ocean do not disturb the sea bed.

And also higher than that.
Like storm clouds raging around a mountain -
They are real, but the mountain stands, unchanged by it all.

And I can experience it this way, not because I have a great faith, but because God is great, and unendingly kind.


Shayne said...

This is when we all falter i think Allie. This is when our faith has to be so real that we just HAVE to believe.

I hope that all is ok with your family. Mel has been quiet on FB i hope that she is not involved somehow. Thinking and prayer for you and your family at this time. xx

allie. said...

Yes Shayne - you are so right.
Thank you for your prayers; we do need them right now.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Allie. YOU are also great and unendingly kind.

You must remember this.

Lynette said...

Oh Allie...I have been down that road. I will pray for you and your family...the Lord is faithful and He always remains in control.

allie. said...

Ness my friend! - my kindness is so not unending.
Ask any of my family!

As to great? Hmmm.
But thanks for the vote of confidence, budnick ;-)

Lynette - yes I know this is well trodden ground for you. And He has proved to be all He has promised in your life too.
Thank you for your prayers

Kirsty said...

Allie - your faith is unfaltering. I think we all have much to learn from you x-x
Hope all is ok - thoughts and prayers with you and yours x

وادي المعرفة said...

They live in dark she lives in light
Her days are days their days are night.
What a noble pain do you have?! Carry on dear Allie. Happy New Year.

وادي المعرفة said...
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