Monday, December 20, 2010


Today I remembered afresh how hugely blessed my life is. It came like a warm breeze on my skin, that dawning remembering.
Everyone has to deal with difficulties from time to time. Thats just life.
And yes, there is sadness in one area right now but omiHAT! the beauty in my neck of the woods today brought tears to my eyes.
I have no idea what is going to happen in the future, but today I revel in being alive
And want to share some of the beauty with you
The view from my doorway

We found this rustic bench for our patio and it has become a fav place for those quiet moments

One of the seaward views from the bench.

Full moon, spring tide, warm breeze - wonderful summer evening

From under our Christmas lights, looking out to that full moon view.
Thoughts are full of God and His glory when we see all this!

 The best as always, is yet to come. . .


Hayley said...

Beautiful beyond words!

Meriel said...

your refuge x x x

Lynette said...

Beautiful...I agree with Meriel...this is your refuge.


Olivia said...

Made me miss SA!! You got such a lovely place...bisous

Shayne said...

Such a beautiful place to call home. We often don't see the beauty that is right in front of our eyes.

وادي المعرفة said...

Yes Lynette, because she has a keen eye, eyes of a poetess. Either she dives or walks, writes or talks she does it in beauty. God bless Allie.

Anonymous said...

Stunning pics x x
Aren't we blessed to live in such a beautiful country x x

allie. said...

Yes, beautiful indeed.
I find nature incredible for re-realising the eternal things.

@ Olivia - SA misses you too, sweetie. Bisous

@ Yemeni commenter - I sure don't feel like a poetess! But thank you for your prayer

@ Anonymous - Hullo and welcome! Maybe leave your name next time?