Saturday, January 1, 2011


Its irresistible isn't it?
Don't we love it when numbers do stuff like that?

Anyway, here we have the newly unwrapped package that is 2011, and are just beginning to peer into its contents.
What are we going to see, experience, feel, try, explore in the next months . . . ?
Who are the people, not yet known to us, who may be dear friends this time next year?
Will we have discovered a new hobby that thrill us?
Started that business?
Written that book?
Turned out that attic!

Looking forward, here are a couple of my hopes -

# I want to try to make these:

This is the one in my garden that started it all

Doesn't this one make you smile?

Then there are these:
I'm not sure I want to make these but I think they are so beautiful
I would like lots in my garden

Lovely don't you think?

# And then - the study we are looking forward to, starting at the end of Jan.
I love this part of scripture - deep and rich.

 And then - TaaRAAAA!
The juiciness of SARK - I wanna learn to be as wildly uninhibited in communicating as she is!

For us. Aspiring writers all.

My journal at present is an A4 notebook, with handwritten recollections and thoughts
I want it to morph into a fun, colourful and JUICY place
(to quote SARK)

 For next time, I want to browse through my 2010 journal and revisit some of the events that stood out for me.
In the meantime, for the ten zillionth time today, hear these words: Happy New Year to you!


Lynette said...

Just think in 10 more months we will have 1/11/11 and a few days later 11/11/11. Stunning!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful, creative 2011.

Terry said...

Here it is the 3rd of Jan. The 1st was here and gone before I realized it. I won't say it because you've heard it so many times now so I'll just say H.... N.. Y... Allie and family♥♥♥

I'm so not a blogger said...

hi Allie,
I get the Sark newsletters and thought this might interest you
she is offering help with writing a book, and I recall you writing that you wanted to do that.
Just thought of you when I read it:-)

allie. said...

Thanks so muych, Lynette and Terry for your NY greetings!

ISNB - Thats fantastic! I will definitely make use of that info. I
Bless you for remembering and being a "dot-connector" for me.

I'm so not a blogger said...


clare said...

good to hear you a little chirpier. I love the stands of flowers just keep them water - WELL else you will not be successful with them, i have let so many of them die from not being watered often enough.