Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emergent Moves

I have loud blues music playing
How can Blues music make me feel like jumping out of my skin with joy!?
But it does
Shoulders rocking, feet jumping, hard to type cos my fingers want to keep time to the music

Hang on . . . .

Ok, now where was I?
Oh yes, today I discovered what many Cape Tonian women have known for ages.
Being let loose with a credit card in the Waterfront on a hot summer day is a pretty cool thing.

I blush to tell you that I have been intimidated by malls in general.
And The Waterfront in particular

I have worried that I'll get lost
And that I won't be able find my car
Stuff like that
So I have steered clear

Today I had to go there
The Man had a biz appointment in a hotel near the Waterfront
So I had to put on a brave face about being dropped off alone.
I mean, how can could I (a more than mature woman!) confess to such cowardice!?

Oh Boy!
Its possible that this has birthed a monster :-)
Not that I would have to buy stuff to make it fun
But I did today.
Books mainly.
A lovely crop of 'em.

And I bought a HAT.
It deserves its capitals -
It is a HAT of HATS
Oh wait - let me get a pic of it
Hang on again -

I also dropped for Dead Sea products for nails and skin.
The Israeli girl gave me a demo
Impressive, I have to admit

So - in a month or two, I should look 25
And have exquisite nails in place of the broken mess I've struggling with for months.
I live in hope

I later meandered out into the huge heat
And was drawn like a magnet to the sound of music
A little and raw band was playing under the sun-speckled trees.
This time, being alone, I could do a little jig to the music without fear of embarrassing The Man
SARK would have been proud of moi.

And I nearly hugged a tree too


Gill said...

You go girl!! I have to confess that I find shopping alone very intimidating.

Kirsty said...

Oh what a happy, happy post! YAY!!! Makes me wanna go hug a tree... BTW - those dead sea Israeli people.... they scare the living cr@p outta me!!! I swear they stalk me ;)

Shayne said...

Lurve the hat - altho hat seems so nothing in comparison to what it actually is?

A piece of headgear of note.

The dead sea stuff works. My MIL brought me back some from Israel last year and my hands have never looked so good.

I'm so not a blogger said...


Lynette said...

I also love the Dead sea products...the best ever.