Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Steps

I don't know about you, but me - I'm not so hot at memorizing stuff.
I have tried, but the words often seem to slip through the weave of my brain, to a place where they are hard to retrieve.
They jiggle around just out of reach, mocking and jeering: "Catch me if you can!"

I was almost ready to say:
"Ok then.
I admit it.
I 'm past the stage of life when memorizing is an option"
Not quite.
And then a friend came to the rescue.

She does this.
I am copying her idea.
Childlike but effective.
Little drawings next to the words -
anything that helps me to remember
An added bonus is that it is SOO
relaxing to do
Almost meditative in effect.

And a great way of keeping together
scriptures that have become meaningful to me as well.

These are my baby-stepping early days in this exercise.
But I'm loving it.
Creative AND up building

There could well be a meshing with SARK's colourful way of doing things here - these two things could well merge and make interesting offspring as time goes on . . .


blackhuff said...

Looks interesting but isn't it very time consuming?

allie. said...

@ BH - I suppose it could be but it doesn't have to involve works of art.
The idea is just to give yourself enough visual aid to help you remember. You could even do a line at a time.
I think the thing would be to keep it in the "fun thing to do" rather than the "chore I have to do" zone.

Try it - you may like it :-)

Ness at Drovers Run said...

OH - as someone with ADD believe me I feel your pain about memorizing stuff. I also use pictures to remember lists - but I make it a mental picture. So if i have 5 things to remember I also attach the mental picture to a finger. In other words apple orange pear. I squeeze my thumb and picture an apple, squeeze my index finger and picture an orange etc etc. Then when it's time to recall the squeeze and the picture prompt the memory. This incidentally is also how I passed matric history. My ring finger on my left hand is still "Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939." (As in one of the 10 main causes of WWII).

allie. said...

Oh Ness, you make me laugh!
In particular - your left ring finger being "Hitler invaded Poland . . "

Which invites the question: how do you let your fingers know they have to let go their old role, and step up to be something else?

Lynette said...

Oh this reminds me of how we are taught in "precepts" biblestudies to mark our bibles... My bible is already so full of markings...and I just love it. I am sending you a bookmark with ideas on how to mark.


Kirsty said...

hahaha! I am the opposite.... memory like an elephant!!! When studying Anatomy at med school, I used to use rhymes to remember bone names and sequences for eg:
The bones of the hand are:
Scaphoid, Lunate,Triquetrium, Pisiform,Trapezoid,Trapezium, Cuboid,Hamate
So to remember those, the rhyme was:
Some Lovers Try Positions That They Cant Handle (1st letter of each word)...
Try it... works a treat :0

Trix's Mix said...

I enjoy your fun ideas that you share on your blog Allie.