Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Word Arrives

My word for this season has *emerged*
Isn't it amazing how it happens?
And how we are able to recognise them when they appear?

I was taken by surprise by mine - again.
So unexpected, so odd seeming - again.
But even at this early stage of thinking about it, so rich with meaning and promise - again.


What does that bring to your mind?
I thought of a leaning towards; a deep attentiveness; an intimacy.  . .

Picture two little girls sharing secrets.
How the one listening leans close to the mouth of the one speaking.
It is a moment that, for me, captures the essence of this word 
And I love it

It reverberates through scripture too:
". . . incline your heart to the Lord God of Israel."
Jos 24:23
". . . incline your ear to wisdom . . "
Proverbs 2:2

There are many more that speak of God "inclining His ear" to the prayers and praises of His people.
Either way, the heart of the word remains the same.

Something even more heartwarming happens when I combine this word with my previous two:
The Lord extends the INVITATION to INCLINE my heart
and my ear to Him, so together we can embark on VENTURES.

But I will take it and see where it leads me.

Oh - one other thing  -
If one of you kind cyber-gurus would make me a sidebar thingy with my word on it
Or tell me how to do it myself
I would be thrilled!


Lynette said...

Don't you think it is just amazing how your words fit together...and how you are now living all three words. Wonderful...I like it. It is going to be great watching this develop.

MelB said...

I agree with Lynette...its a true progression over the years, your words.