Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Stripper?

"I take pictures because it helps me see" -
this is a quote from Emily at
(Any of you who haven't yet visited her, please do yourselves a favour - her writing penetrates.
And isn't that what we all hope for?)

Anyway, her quoted comment about photography -
It got my attention straight away -
Because - isn't that true of all art in a way?
Don't we write to help us see?
Or paint to help us see?
Really see?

The Leonard Cohen quote on my sidebar is so relevant to this: "As our eyes get accustomed to sight, they armour themselves against wonder."
Isn't the return to wonder something we all long for?

Maybe art is the armour remover
It strips us down to vulnerable
And, if we are very attentive, may just strip the subject down to true.


blackhuff said...

So true these words. Writing on my blog helps me see too.

Lynette said...

I so agree...when I write my jumbled thoughts down...there seem to come some sort of order to it all.