Wednesday, January 5, 2011


At blatently shallow level, I am thrilled to see how well THE HAT goes with my new cozzie.
Not planned either!

I'm going to keep a pic record of how my ruined nails respond to the Dead Sea product
This was this morning before I had done anything to them.
This is this evening after their frst treatment.
Is it me, or is there already a visible difference?
PS: No nail polish is being used.


MelB said...

The hat + cozzie = fabulosity. Kimora would be proud. ;-)

The nails are stupendously improved - what an amazing product.

Love show n tell posts like these!

Lynette said... the hat and the improvement of the nails.


Shayne said...

Fab outfit. The HAT works so well.

As for the nails - wow.

clare said...

Love the hat and with a figure like yours I reckon you could sport a bikini? Your nails look great keep it up and then send them your blog posts and we can all get a sample :)

Linda said...

The hat is adorable! I do see a difference. I'm going to have to stay tuned.