Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did You Say Paint?

I had myself in hysterics this morning -
Thats not a usual occurrance.
I tend to take myself (and most other things) far too seriously.
The reason for the hysterics?
I decided:

"Today I will paint."
A clear Saturday: a golden opportunity.
I breeze into the study - my desk is covered with other stuff which I cheerfully move on to another surface.
Cause thats what I do when I tidy up.

Now I'm ready to paint.
I notice my turps is very low and remember that I have a bottle in the pantry.
From the pantry window, I can see my dry washing is still on the line and as I have another load waiting to be hung out, I feel obligated to fetch the dry stuff in.
I fetch it in, feeling very proud of myself when I resist hanging the wet stuff out (because, after all, I'm going to paint this morning)
But feel I ought at least to take the dry washing upstairs
While I'm upstairs, I notice that my bed is still unmade
I can't leave it like that - well I could, but I don't.
Guilt I guess because DH is here
After I finish pulling the bed straight, the bundle of dirty washing on the floor by the door (where men seem to think there is an invisible washing basket) leers at me.
Well OK then!
I cart the washing into the bathroom and dump it in the basket.
My eye falls on the white shirts that I'd left to soak in hot water overnight - now overdue to be washing machined.

No No No!
I'm going to paint this morning.
I leave the washing in the bath and come downstairs.

I'm going to paint.
Then it suddenly strikes me
An email did the rounds a while ago about someone who did exactly this sort of thing
I am that person
That was when I got hysterical; the words falling out of my mouth as I tell The Man my ridiculous story.
"I better write it down - for my blog - before I forget," I tell him.
So I do.
And this is it.

NOW I will paint.
Planning my picture involves printing one of my photos - so back to the computer to locate the pic
While I'm there, I pop in to see what happening on Facebook.
And the rest is history.

I did paint today
I wonder if I need medication?


Ness at Drovers Run said...

Jeepers Allie - Did you read my post about when I discovered I had ADD? Totally the same thing! Bizarrely, also involved laundry! ;)

lg said...

Hahaha.... my whole life is like that. Except when I am at work. I am distracted by everything - I don't really mind though because everything will eventually get done.

Trix's Mix said...

I want to see your painting...eventually! :)

melB said...

Its called multi-tasking! Great post - look forward to seeing your painting.

and I LOVE your new header. :-)

allie. said...

Ahhh my girls! Thank you for the "multi-tasking/identifying" that you brought to the party.
I think I prefer it to ADD.

And yes, Ness, I did read it - hence my question - it looked faaaar to much like your scenario.

Now I see it just runs in the family.
I think I'll call it "right brained-ness" that way it sounds all arty :-)

Shayne said...

Ha ha, this sounds like me. But i actually forget what i initially wanted to do and I wander from room to room trying to remember!

Seems it's a 'girl thing'.

Lynette said...

Most definately a girl thing...that is me too...but I have always been to embarrased to admit it.

Love you header!

allie. said...

Ok now I am happy

If its a girl thing, that makes it A-OK.

Lets embrace our girliness

I'm so not a blogger said...

Love the header, and its def a girl thing;-)

Kirsty said...

Love this post! I do sometimes have the baility to see past the dirty laundry and unmade bed... must be when I am using my male brain :0

allie. said...

@ Shayne and Kirsty - me too, girlfriends - on both counts - me too :-)

cat said...

LOL! I am always distracted - from the one thing to the other. But glad you did get to the painting bit.

Meriel said...

its me its me - i do that too. and not only with tasks i do that with conversations - my thoughts go up and down all sorts of alleys and so do my conversations.*blush*

clare said...

Well from one ADD sufferer to another, I 'leave' the drying in the tumble dryer because it is in the garage and I just forget about it so it is then always creased and freaks me out cos I then have to iron it. x

Olivia said...

I'm sure thousands of ladies could relate to your post!
I sometimes feel there isn't enough time in the day to do what I have on my to-do list (yeah, sad I'm a stay-at-hom using a to-do list...only solution to my recently forgetfulness!!)... It is soo sad because sometimes I even have a to-do for my to-do!...crazy
Take care Allie...Bisous...Are you going to post a pic of your other paintings?