Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Ja Ja to Yeeha

Saturday; lovely weather; not a day I would choose to spend finding a fridge to replace the "dead man walking" that is our mortally wounded one.
But it had to be done so off we went.
We found a few possibilites.
But oh woe! we had left the measurements of our own fridge at home so had to content ourselves with taking measurements of those we liked to check when we got back.
Decisions decisions
We were delighted to find that our usually very busy son and his family were at home today, so we descended on them and caught up with things in their world, including their cute girls.

DS1, littlest one, her sister and their friend.
The pool was hard for them to resist
A familiar sight: DS1 with his two little ones crowding on to his lap.
The Man caught me unawares - I thought the pic was just of littlest granddaughter
She was not stoked at having her pic taken AGAIN!
I was so glad I'd brought my cozzie!
Lying in this little boat on the water was the most relaxing thing EVER!

 Its been a good day
I hope yours was too.


Hayley said...

Love that pic of stunning!

It does sound you had a perfect day!

cat said...

Looks like a good day to be around.

I'm so not a blogger said...

my ultimate fridge would have to be a smeg. Love them!
As for your day, sounds and looks perfect:-) There is something about spending time with family without having made plans.