Thursday, February 3, 2011


My mom, who died in 1988, has been on my mind a lot lately.
Which might seem odd as 1988 is a very long time ago.

But here's the reason why - she died 4 days after her 67th birthday.
I had that birthday on 27th Jan this year.
Which means that I have already lived 4 days longer than she did.
And that is a very weird thought

The thing that simmers in my thoughts is how young I feel now, at her age then - so how very short her life was cut.

Now, all these years later, it bugs me.
I know she would have hated to have lived until she was frail and incapable
But sheesh! 67!
It just aint right.

How she would have enjoyed in our children now they are adults
And revelled in their children - as long as noone expected her to babysit them!
And I think they would have got a bang out of knowing her too

Its a shame.


MelB said...

It makes me sad too. I would have so loved to spend time with her as an adult.


Lynette said...

First of all...not in a million years would I have imagined you to be are so beautiful.

It is sad when we lose loved ones and it is something we will never understand...why some die to young. Sending you big {{hugs}},

clare said...

Strange feeling isnt it. Paul is already a good year older than my dad when he died (49). You 67 seriously seriously seriously

Cool Runnings said...

Mmmmmm. She was awesome. Like you. xx

allie. said...

Thanks for the nice words
Maybe I should just have kept quiet about my age since no one seems to have realised :-)

Never mind, we'll hook up wif her in heaven, hey!?

Misty'sMum said...

NO WAYS are you 67!!! My goodness you must be doing something very right! It's funny, every year my Dad says he's a year older than his Dad was when he passed away, his mortality obviously weighing heavy on him. But like I said to him, you owe it to yourself to make sure you bloody well enjoy it! What you put in is what you get out of it, so no excuses. And it looks like you're doing a fine job. x

allie. said...

@ Misty's Mum - I am just careful about what pics of myself I post on my blog, girlfriend :-)

Nothing too close or too clear. hehe

Re the mindfulness of our ages compared with our deceased parents - I think it is more about "Omigosh, this is the head/body space they were in when they died!"
When you're there, you realise how young that is and that really hits home hard.

But make no mistake, I intend to enjoy the ride :-)