Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Eyes

Have you visited Just One Thing yet?
Even if it were not the blog of DD1, I would still recommend it
I love the concept of this blog: she finds one brand new thing to do every day.

Those of you who know me, will realise I will admire that from afar
but what I AM going to shoot for
is to use her idea for seeing just one thing
really really seeing it
with new eyes.
This will (luckily) not be about great photography
but rather about re-cultivating
awareness and wonder.
Remember how everything struck awe into us when we were little?
I want that again.
Don't you?

This little plant is already preparing for Autumn.
But hasn't let go of green summer yet.
Isn't she lovely?

Look what happens with a flash!

Wanna play?


lg said...

Lovely idea! I am going to play too, but won't blog it - I am finding that in my pursuit of all new things, trivial and not, I seem to be being freshly made aware of the smallest things to be thankful for too! It may become an addition. Have fun! xx

allie. said...

Please blog it too -
I love hearing about other's "seeing new" stuff. . .

Addition is good.