Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Catching up on the past few days:

Our Plett friends were here for the Met - we met them at the Waterfront for dinner on Friday night.
They were pretty tired after the long drive as you can see by the pic!
The husband was an MC for the Metropolitan Handicap on Sat and The Man, with great understanding, took himself off to work to give us  "girl space"  -  so my friend and I were free to roam around and do our thing without having to worry about the guys.

We trundled off to Noordhoek Village - Cafe Roux to be precise - sat under the shades, ate well and then set off to browse the art gallery.
Only to find it was no longer there.
So, browsing the little shops instead, we discovered some very rude T-shirts hanging outside - this is the most innocuous one.

I was tempted to post pics of the crasser ones - but so far, have resisted :-)

Monday saw DD2 Mel and me taking young Hooli to a hospital in Cape Town to have a couple of stubbornly swollen glands in his neck removed.
Just as a precaution.
But still, he is only four. So it was traumatic for him.
And us.
It was hard to watch a little scrap like that fight his fears with such courage.

SO full of premeds, so woozy, but still brave and chipper, he gives us the V-sign as he goes off to the theatre.
We got there at about 11.30 and home at 6.30.
A loooong day but all went well and we heard today (Wed) that his tests came back all-clear.
We didn't expect anything else but nevertheless, were very grateful to hear it confirmed. 

On Tuesday morning the long awaited new Beth Moore bible study started. 
We are doing "The Patriarchs" in Genesis - starting pretty much at the beginning of the journey.
We are having it in Constantia so it took some fancy footwork to sort everything out since I am still carless.
(I'll be lucky to have my car back by middle of next week!)

I met a bunch of new women here - friendly women who are eager to get to know God better through His word and in each other's company.
Its going to be a blast!

Another upside for me is that the venue is within spitting distance of a very nice mall. I swung by there after the meeting to try to find a pocket diary. Which I desperately need suddenly!
I did find one - but I also found this top:

I love it - really comfortable to wear too
Covers a mutitude of sins too, I can tell you!
Tuesday was also my senior son-in-law's birthday so we gatecrashed their celebratory steak at the Cattle Baron. A fun evening - and I had the best steak EVER!

The birthday boy and DD1,  looking gorg

Them and us.
And great food and wine
A good way to celebrate any birthday


clare said...

Pretty busy week Allie. Love the top and come on there are no sins around your middle! You are looking good girl as always. I really enjoyed the pics in my head of the places that you visited, wondering whether you were at HIgh Constantia or the village.

MelB said...

Lovely post - what a week its been hey!

I love that top....I see it in my future when you get tired of it... ;-)

allie. said...

Yeah Clare - for laidback moi, very busy. But most of it, very fun.

Truly - there are sins around the middle; sins which muffin top around my jeans. Its gross I tell ya.

O observant one, the mall was the Village :-)

@ Melb - you can say that again! And these were just the headlines, as you know.
Yup the top would work for you for sure - just not yet ;-)

Lynette said...

Hooli is such a brave young man. You look fabulous in that top...and I don't believe that there is any sins beneath it. I did the Precepts Bible study on the Patriarchs many years ago...stunning study.