Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Farewell Tribute

If you haven't read the story about Manuel, our gardener, please go here first.

Short and sad.
We heard that Manuel lost his struggle against his illness and died in Malawi today.

This man, with unmined treasures in him, is now another African statistic.

But we remember the man.
And are grateful for the few years his life touched ours.

How much to learn from someone like him -
I feel almost a responsibility to try to live out my potential more because I have the opportunities to do that, that he did not.

I cannot even imagine what he might have done with his life if he had had my oppotunities.
When I think of his enthusiasm, his faithfulness with little, his energy, and his gratitude for what he did have, I believe the sky would have been the limit for him.

But now
Not even the sky limits him.
He is with Him in whom there are no limits.


cat said...

Oh Allie, this is just so sad. Such a "mensch" it seems.

lg said...

What a sad day... I spose at least he didn't suffer for long. Amazing what an impact he managed to have on those around him.