Friday, April 22, 2011

Taking Shape

Taking shape

Toasting the "restaurant feel" of our new space

And oh! what an incredible place for me and my computer!

Today I am grateful for many things.
To the One who has made them all possible.


Vanessa said...

Oh that space has *art studio* written ALL over it! :) GORGEOUS. I'm trying to figure out a way of making the conservatory (the one we're going to get in our as yet, un-found future house) all my own, as my *design studio* space...not sure how I'm going to pull it off, but can totally see myself there in rain, rain, shine *OR SNOW* (she squeals with childlike glee). Love your space!! Yes, definitely the space for you and your computer!

Olivia said...

How nice!! I remember that when I met you, you were looking for a new amazing that you didn't find/like anything else!! It's gorgeous...beware you might get even more guests coming over...<3

mel said...

Oh Ma! I will be pottering over REGULARLY this winter (with my computer) to come join you in this beautiful space.

woooohoooo - to see this alteration come to fruition makes me quite giddy with delight. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops hit the 'launch' button too soon ... enjoy your space Allie

Joanne said...

Fabulous!!! Did you extend the lounge/sitting room? I am trying to work it all out. I just love that view. xx

allie. said...

@ JO - we just took out the front wall of the lounge and incorporated the deck into the room.
It has worked wonderfully well.

Haddock said...

what a lovely place.

allie. said...

@ Ness - Art studio would be lovely but this is our lounge sweetie!
I think DH might just have a prob with my hijackingit for my art endeavors :-)

Good luck with your space!