Friday, April 29, 2011

Whats Your Story?

My gals before their Kate/Will Wedding par-tay at the neighbour's place
I love how typical these pics are of the two of them -
DH1 entering into the event with gusto, complete with veil and flowers
DH2 doing the Wedding Day thang her own way:
Very trendy, very "her"
You may be wondering whether I watched Katy and Will on TV
Well, no.
This is what I was watching
And this is why.
Hanging out with my young uns, playing cards, drinking hot choc'lit etc.
(Sometimes known as baby sitting)
Waaaay more fun than wedding watching
Well I think so, anyway


Susan said...

Your girls look so cute and ready to go! I love both outfits. And I can't WAIT until the day I can actually "hang out" with grands...someday. :-) Hope you're well.

MelB said...

ah, tis true yes. :-)

I LOVE that photo of you and the kids!

Marcelle said...

That's Mel...has her own style!!!!

Lynette said...

I love it! Didn't watch the wedding either...had to watch the highlights on the evening news. This weekend we did the same thing with our 3 young ones...and tonight we feel a tad tired after they woke us at 5:30 this morning for coffee;-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Allie, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciated your sincere comment. I will take what you said into consideration.

cat said...

Way more fun! Especially if you can see the re-runs forever.

allie. said...

Not sure if this wiLl be read since the post has been up for 'like EVER' but just to say I will hopefully be in cyberworld again by the weekend. The renovations should be complete by then.

Joanne said...

Cant believe you didnt watch the wedding it was FABULOUS!!

MelB said...

Missing you in cyberspace!