Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well that was scary!
I thought I had lost Allie Chilling forever when Blogger had its wobble a couple of days ago.
It wouldn't let me in no matter what I tried -
I had just about had the funeral -
But today I sailed into my space and Blogger never even tried to stop me.
*Mops brow*

Well, the alterations to our place are pretty much finished now -
I am still suffering lingering symptoms of hermititude having lived in my bedroom for the last 10 days or so
Its been SO worth it though!
The views from our place have always been good but now are spectacular -
Hoping to have LOTS of friends and family coming around to hang with us and share the joy :-)

Omiword, I am SO blogging rusty!
There is an unusual um um factor tonight
So I'm gunna quit now and hope that tomorrow my chat mode will have return.

Sleep well, peeps!


cat said...

Gosh, we all had a bit of a fright. Considering wordpress....

Kirsty said...

cant wait to see photos x

Lynette said...'re back...I am SO very glad.


Shayne said...

Glad you're back - you were missed.

The whole BLogger thing did scare me somewhat - i need to get my blog printed up and then move over to Wordpress me thinks.

Want to see pics of your new home pls!

MelB said...

Hulllooooo? what this I am b a c k story and then you disappear again!