Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When I read my profile I wonder "who is that person"?!
She sounds so energetic, so sparky -
Not like me at all (but I guess thats how I was feeling when I wrote it.)

Right now I feel as though I'm suspended in space, waiting for something. . . not sure what -

# The last bits and pieces of the alterations to be finished off
#  Inspiration for decor/colour schemes for the new look lounge
# A decent movie on TV
# Inspiration about supper
# Outcome of the elections

Or just some vooma to return.


cat said...

So if you get some of that sparkle, post some on please.

allie. said...

Sorry Cat - I know this is a blegh post!

lg said...

You are that person - and I am not saying that cos I have to! Probably just the being housebound and the building upheavals is making you feel a little blah. Chat later. xx