Thursday, May 19, 2011


These elections intrigue me -

South Africa is an exciting place to live anyway but right now we are standing at an incredibly interesting point as an emerging nation.
Emerging, I mean not in the normal sense (as in 'emerging markets') but finding out who we actually are as a post apartheid people.

For the first time, there is a sense that some of the population may be really thinking about who to vote for.
In the past, it has been very much a knee-jerk scenario, with the Black population voting for the ANC as a matter of rote.
Just because it would be unthinkable for them to not support the party that freed them from oppression.

Many of them still feel that way: they would rather not vote at all than vote for anyone else - in spite of the ANC's dismal track record ito providing the basics for the huge numbers of hopelessly poor.
And of course, the rampant corruption, which never seems to be punished although its often exposed.

But this time, after 17 years of freedom, we have new well- informed voters who are unencumbered with the baggage of their parents: who know what they want and maybe, just maybe, might try something new.

It is early days
The counting of votes is ongoing and only 15% of the numbers are in
But the previously unthinkable is already happening: some traditionally ANC strongholds are acknowledged to be hanging in the balance.

If the official opposition (DA) makes any considerable advances in these areas, we will know that we are growing up.
That people are beginning to think through the issues; to use their votes to get change instead of taking to the streets.

For the majority of people in this country, it will be a wonderful thing when this divide is finally crossed:
A white skin doesnt mean anti-black.
White politicians can be genuine when they say they have the well being of everybody at heart

If that happens, I believe there is no heights this country cannot reach, rich as we are in resources and resilient hard working people.

Of course, traditionally politicians try to divide and rule
They speak unity and foster distrust and anger for their own ends.
Not just here but all over the world.

Let's hope they don't get it right.
The outcome of these elections will speak volumes!


blackhuff said...

"A white skin doesnt mean anti-black.
White politicians can be genuine when they say they have the well being of everybody at heart."
I couldn't agree more with this statement.

cat said...

Somehow I felt so positive this morning.

Hayley said...

I think there has been a big change...and its just going to get better and better each time :-)