Friday, May 20, 2011

Politics and Pounding Rhythms

Well, I have not been disappointed - about the elections I mean. (See previous post)
Although the ruling ANC still has a huge majority, there has been a real shift in some of the voting patterns: it seems that considerable numbers of their voters are going to try the oppostion party.
An unthinkable thing till now.
That alone makes me glad - maybe I'm very naive but I prefer to accentuate the positive!

It remains to be seen whether the ANC will respond to the challenge by cranking up their own performance or whether they will default to attacking the DA, and trying to bring down everything they do.
Many politicians try to keep the discord going for their own purposes: its an old trick but they never seem to get tired of it

Our old "friend" Malema the Mouth hasn't wasted any time playing this game

He called Lindiwe, Helen Zille's very intelligent, highly qualified, hugely eloquent spokesperson, "Zille's tea girl" and refused to debate with her.
Very rude
But perhaps wise
As she would have shown him up for the uneducated lout that he is more than most.
And he couldnt have played the race card against her either as she is one of his own people.

It is disturbing that Zuma doesn't rope this guy in
As it is, he's in court on hate speech charges for singing songs that incite violence against the white farmers
I wonder if the President is nervous of The Mouth's support base
Or whether he likes having him around to say what he would like to, but can't?

Never a dull moment!

In the meantime
On a completely different note
We have a blue ray Queen dvd playing full bore
Pounding rhythms stunning vocals stupendous visuals
What IS it about this music that makes you feel 16 again!?
Bring it!

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Lynette said...

I don't think Zuma is afraid of Malema's following. I think it suits the ANC that Malema is keeping the attention on himself and away from all the other corruption going on the government.

Yay to the in PE they took away 12 wards from the ANC and the ruling party was very nervous for a while...they lost a huge following here and only managed to secure 51% of the vote...and this is in ANC country;-)