Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're Still Here, Celebrating

So, it was not Judgement Day after all.
But it was Lulu's 7th birthday - (and just by the way, also Allie Chilling's 3rd birthday!)
Its been a great day saturated with the people I love most.

The gathering to celebrate Lulu's special day happened here.
So the aunts, uncles (except the one who is on his way to the UK) and small cousins hung out eating sensible early morning things like speckled eggs, chips, various sweets and birthday cake. *gag*
Drinking too much tea and coffee
You know how it goes . . .

Lulu spent the afternoon and night with us - bringing along various crafty presents she'd received.
We spent lots of time doing those

Or rather, she did them while I watched, and we talked.
About lots of stuff.
There's nothing like conversations with small children
I love to hear how they see things
How they think -

Grandparenthood is so great - I feel as though I missed so much with my own children.
I was always SO busy; so much had to be done
It was, most of the time, rush rush rush and then fall into bed exhausted.

But now, there's time to really listen.
Actually there's now also time to really listen to my own kids too
They sure had to wait a long time *grin*


Lynette said...

Yup...we woke up this morning...and we were still here;-)

I am sure you had a delightful day with your loved ones...and those very healthy eats.


lg said...

:-) I always knew we could talk to you! We probably just make more sense now...! xx

MelB said...

Yeah, i get that talking thing. All 3 of mine talk to me at once and i seem to be incessantly telling them to HUSH! Am glad there will come a time of peace and listening...

thanks for having us all over and for having lulu. she had a wonderful time. xx