Friday, July 29, 2011

Did You Say Freedom?

I don't like getting embroiled in controversy about Christian matters but something came up a couple of months ago that bothered me -
Now a similar thing has happened, and I'm bothered all over again.
I'd be interested to hear your views on this -

A while back, a guy who is a Christ follower, someone I'm very fond of, wrote an article in cyberspace about other Christians and churches and and and . . .  (not complimentary as you might have gathered)
Which is ok - we all have our opinions
What was surprising was the liberal use of a hectic 4 letter word -
His thinking seemed to be, if you're really free, being able to use bad language is a sign of that.
Judging by many of his commenters, it is a pretty common stance -
And conversely, if you're not ok with foul language, you are religious and legalistic.

I don't think I'm a prude: I'm aware that people talk like that.
And it doesnt make me faint with horror when people swear
But for a believer to use it as a sign of spiritual freedom??
That bothers me

More lately, another believer, also someone I'm very fond of, posted a clip portraying Jesus as a whiney-voiced, critical wimp.
It was posted to give people a laugh.
This bothers me.
The comment was made that the clip would not please 'religious' people.
Once again, the same implication is there - anyone who has a problem with this, is just religious, which seems the ultimate insult these days.

So, if the Son sets us free, are we free then for this?
Something not right there, right?
Or is it just me?


cat said...

Allie, I believe that freedom means freedom within the limits that the Bible set us - that's the crux. If you choose words that contravene the 10 commandments it can not be right.

Lynette said...

I believe that even though we have freedom (within the boundaries Jesus set for us) we still cannot treat the Lord or each other with disrespect. Using those words are disrespectful towards everybody that are forced to listen to them. I seriously cringe when "that" word is liberally used and even walk out of cinemas where there is too much swearing. I don't have to pollute my mind with this sort of thing, and my ears are not dirt bins.

MelB said...

well, you know what I think. :-))