Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today I emailed to refuse the invite to my Matric class's reunion in Sept this year.
Everything in me wanted not to go.
Perhaps I should sketch in some background -
My Mom's "great idea" - to send me to her alma mater - oh dear heaven!
So, after Std 8 (Grade 10), leaving all my friends behind, sob sob - I was sent off to this new school - the one thats having the reunion now.
To say I was an unwilling and ungracious member of that school for the 3 years I was there would be an understatement.
I was mad with my parents, with my classmates, the teachers, with life.
For years.
I was probably a kingsized pain in the butt for everyone.
Make that, definitely . . .

And now, tahdaaaaah!
An invite to look all those girls in the face again and remember just what an ungracious pain I was
I was all set to wimp out
Letter typed and everything.
Photos of family attached, the works.
And then, I just couldn't send it.
I realised it would be SO cowardly.
So I wrote accepting.
Its done -
And maybe, just maybe, it'll be fun.
I mean - we last saw each other when we were 17
We are now 67!
That could be a promising situation for fun
Or what?


Beadz 2 Pleaz said...

I am friends now with what were some of the worst school peeps out there from my year. After the 20th school reunion, everyone gets on and appreciates each other a lot more. You'll enjoy!

allie. said...

Thats encouraging news Chez!
I will definitely post about it after the event.

Meriel said...

I doubt they see you that way Allie.

But with your husband at your side you will feel like a million bucks no matter what anyone thinks :-)

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I managed to skillfully avoid my 5, 10 and 15 year reunion - even though I liked my school! I just don't see the point if you're not still mates anyway. (I am still FB mates with some of them). I think if I had my regular circle of friends as old high school friends then it would be different. bu that's just me.

Lynette said...

Go for it. It is going to be huge fun to see how each person has aged, got out of shape etc.

MelB said...

I think you will have such a blast - go and show them who you are now! I am a big fan of school reunions, even the most miserable/mean/bully types generally turn into people worth knowing.

Shayne said...

I am 100% with Ness on this one.

But having said that, you'll probably have an absolute ball - they'll all fall completely in love with you!

blackhuff said...

I felt like you about the whole reunion thing. I firstly accepted but after seeing how some people have not grown up, I declined.
I am sure that you are going to enjoy it because at the age of 67, almost all people have grown up and I am sure you all are going to enjoy it.

cat said...

I have to say that we are organizing our 25 year reunion and I think we are past our hang-ups - looking forward to it.