Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kid Stuff

Accidental jackpot!
This is a rare pic that captures the essence of the DH I love so much
He was watching the shenanigans of the 2 small ones in the back of the car with that dimpled, affectionate smile I know so well.
So I thought I'd share it with you.
(The shenanigans will come up in pic form later in this post)

This next one is just for fun
Our elongated huggy shadow on the beach
Kinda romantic, don't you think?

Here is a story attached to the next 2 pics -
This little one was crying on her Mom's lap because of a tiny scratch on one of her tiny toes.
In an effort to console her, I said: "Sweetie, just blow on it"
(My mom always told me to do that - I thought I'd try it on her)
Next thing, she has her tiny toe - and all the rest of them - hanging out of the car window
Obviously thinking the wind could blow on it much better than she ever could!

Then we heard gurgling laughter and found her even tinier sister hanging her foot out of the window on the other side of the car.
Hanging with kids is therapy


MelB said...

Aw man, just too cute! And ja, that one of dad is *just* the way we know him - glad you caught it!

Meriel said...

giggle. what a lovely glimpse into your day.

Anonymous said...

Very cool Ma, D

allie. said...

Yeah it was a good day all round.

Linda said...

Love all of this Allie. Leave it to little ones to find joy in any situation. Big smiles here too!

Lynette said...

Those moments captured are always the most precious. Such a cute little thing...it is "lekker" being an Ouma:-)

Joanne said...

lOvely pics, and a little clever Trevor you have there.