Monday, July 11, 2011

Enjoyment 2 Ways

These are our two youngest on Fish Hoek beach on Sunday.
When they find a stretch of beach, they run, and shout, and laugh, and do wild spins with sheer joy.
I watch them, smiling . . .
Inside I am remembering doing the same
and wishing I could still do it.
Its not the body that stops me
Its the fear of looking ridiculous.
How ridiculous is that?!
This is what I do instead.
It has its own quiet joy and I revel in it.
But inside, I am running and spinning and shouting with the kids.


Joanne said...

Great pics Alie, you look fabulous as always and hey people will be so envious of you if you swirl around on the beach - we are all too inhibited. xx

Shayne said...

Aliie, you could so run around on the beach - people would look on and think 'if only i had the courage to do that' - which we all know that you do.

Pls can you make the writing a teensy bit bigger - its super duper tiny!

allie. said...

Ok will reconsider the running and swirling. :-)
@ Shayne - suddenly Blogger has upgraded my pics to the new system again (which somehow got lost in translation somewhere for a while) - which offers you the option to add a caption to your photos.
There is only one size for that - TINY, TINY, TINY.
So what I'll do in future is add my own captions in less eye straining type, ok?

Lynette said...

Lovely photos Allie...the beach will always be the place where I am most at peace.

Shayne mentioned that your WRITING is tiny not your blogger doing it's own thing again?