Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today's surprise:
The arrival of three excited grandchildren with four baby bunnies, just 2 days old.
(Well, technically the 2 girls were excited: Hooli, not so much.
He was more interested in what I had to eat and what He could watch on kid's TV.)
The bunny-babies had been rejected by their mom and were hungry and cold: an almost impossible challenge.
Here they are, soooo tiny . . .

Honey who is animal crazy, was keen to save them. She was ready to try anything and came armed with warm bean bags, warm milk, and little syringes for hand feeding.

Lulu was an eager accomplice in the rescue mission.
It was so sweet to see how intensely these two little girls felt.

Trust me, its a lot harder than it looks to feed these teeny animals.
But we persevered and the second time around, they started actually opening their little mouths and trying to suck on the syringes.

Eventually we all got involved.
but feeding bunnies made us all aware of how hungry we were, so it was toast and rusks all round.
Even Hooli left the tv for that!

Even Oupa turned up to commiserate, and encourage Honey.
And drink tea of course!

We later referenced Google who told us that a better way is to hold the mom rabbit still
 and let a couple of the babies at a time feed from her.
I'm happy to report that by early evening all the babies had survived and the mom was co-operating well.

Gosh, Friday tomorrow again!
The weeks sure roll past fast. . .


Beadz 2 Pleaz said...

Lovely post and on that note, I'm off to find something to eat myself x

clare said...

A bit like me with our little dormouse I pick up in winter - but that died a few days later hope these do better btw love the new look lounge

Linda said...

This is so sweet Allie. I have a granddaughter who loves animals too. She is all grown up and in college these days.
I'm so happy to hear the bunnies are doing well.

bekahjane said...

awwwww sweet :)

lg said...

Cute man...I remember doing that with baby birds that fell out of their nests when i was at school.

Trix's Mix said...

So sweet and what fun!

Lynette said...

This is the kind of posts I just love to read...the little things that matter in life. Thankful that DR Google again came to the rescue.

Happy weekend my dear friend.