Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Be Afraid

Something Bruce Wilkinson said . . .
(Remember him? He was a famous Christian teacher and writer of books about 10 years ago. He came to South Africa and soon thereafter just disappeared from the public arena. Not sure what happened))
. . . said stuck in my mind.
Now it is reverberating again.

It was about that scripture that tells us not to glory in things like our wealth or wisdom, but rather to glory in knowing and understanding God.
I always wondered how anyone could say they "understood" God.
Bruce put me straight.

"Don't misunderstand God" he said.

That changed everything.
I think God may be the most misunderstood Being ever.
He is accused, blamed, rejected, criticised . . . .

My own misunderstanding of Him lasted years
I believed, and taught, (blush) that fear is a sin, using the many times that the Lord told people not to fear as my basis.
Unwittingly adding fear of sinning by being fearful, to all people's other fears.
A classic case of misunderstanding Him.

I see now that God's heart was one of a Parent shushing a fearful child.
"Don't be afraid."
I am here."
"I'll take care of you."
"I won't leave you alone."
"Shh, shh, its alright."
"Don't be afraid, little one." 

So different from what I originally thought!
What freedom came with that new understanding.

On a different note::

I took this pic from the car today.
I was touched by this plant growing out of the granite face of the mountain.
Beauty out of hardship -
A pretty little miracle.


Linda said...
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Lynette said...

Beautifully said...He is so gracious and loving....just like a daddy.

Radin fadli said...

people tends to blame God for everything, on hardship , on sorrow.But God didn't give us trouble or problems that was way beyond our capabilities.Just remember when God give us hardship, it's meant He still care about us,because people tends to forget bout Him when we are happy , but we always turn to him in times of need.And more we are given hardship, it meant we are closer to him.And just remember that the afterlife rewards is for those who always remember and close to Him.

Joanne said...

Hi, cant blog today as I cant get into my blog - drives me crazy, did you ever find a solution to the problem? I am logged in as JR and then to change is a nightmare.

allie. said...

Ag Jo, I know - its a pain!
I just bailed on my new blog for the same sort of reasons. The signing in and out and all the complications of that just became too much.

Also I have trouble leaving comments on some people's blogs and have to use the Anonymous option if its available.